The man behind the curtain, I’m Rob and I founded RC Apparel in mid 2020 as I felt there was a need for more environmentally focussed apparel with more neutral and minimal designs and to try to fight back against fast fashion.


I am a graphic designer by trade and in my spare time began doodling various possible designs and eventually settled on my initial 3 designs which would go on to become “Reverb“, “Origins” & “Infinite“. Once I had my designs finalised, I set about finding the way to make the products come to fruition in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

To do this, I sourced tops made from 100% organic cotton and manufactured using purely renewable energy, the tops are then printed using water-based vegan friendly inks. Whilst this process may come with slightly higher monetary costs, I feel the reduced costs to the planet and environment far outweigh these.



Attention to detail

Our designs are screenprinted on to our t-shirts so the ink becomes apart of the t-shirt and wont wear away over time. All products also feature our fully embroidered branding.

Eco Friendly

Manufactured using energy from purely renewable energy sources, our products not only feel and look great, but you’ve also no reason to feel guilty wearing one.

100% Organic Cotton

All our T-shirts are made using 100% organic cotton for a great feeling t-shirt that will last a long time, we are not ones for fast fashion.


The quality of my tops has always been the most important aspect for me. They are created to be able to last wash after wash and be earth positive, have a green footprint & be climate neutral. This is apparel that will last in both print and style.


The designs are thought through, have a story and a meaning to our range. Our apparel is designed to be simple, yet stand out within your current wardrobe. Our launch collection is designed with neutral colours to pair perfectly with any of your current other clothes, making them a staple in your outfits.


There are so many behind the scenes details that you may not see at first glance, but a lot of detail goes into our final products. From the size of the design, to the packaging it arrives on your doorstep in, you are sure to see the care and precision in your new tee

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